Saturday, December 11, 2010

RACIST OR ADORABLE?: Hip Hop Black Face Cupcakes

Do you think these cupcakes are racist? I don't think so - calling them Hip Hop cupcakes, Now, that's another story - my opinion, the music is not Hip-Hop.

Article is from Best Week Ever TV

RACIST OR ADORABLE?: Hip Hop Black Face Cupcakes

Food blog Eater brings us the latest in a slew of racist baked good controversies. Purveyor of delicious foods to eat while lonely Duncan Hines made a minute and a half long ad featuring 7 newly chocolate glazed cupcakes beatboxing and autotuning themselves with tiny little eyes and cute little mouths.

And because these cupcakes share the most minimal of resemblances with Al Jolson, Duncan Hines is now being accused of making a racist cupcake ad. BLACKFACE CUPCAKES. We’re guessing these cupcakes are also REALLY GOOD AT SPORTS, RIGHT “DUNCAN”?

We’ve got the ad ahead. Take a look at it, and then our thoughts on whether or not these hand held snacks are actually “racist,” “delicious” or “deliciously racist.”


OUR TAKE: These cupcakes are not racist. Like, at all. They’re chocolate glazed cupcakes who sounds like Daft Punk, not Dr. Dre. What’s racist is that someone labeled them hip hop cupcakes, which they aren’t. They are robot autotuned cupcakes who happened to be chocolate flavored. The fact that some person, probably white, tacked on “hip hop” is not the fault of these diversity loving handheld snacks.

What do you guys think? Racist or adorable? If I say I think the ad is cute, am I a racist? This is all too confusing.


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