Thursday, November 11, 2010

Us Consumers can't get enough of cupakes.

My # 2 son cannot believe that people are paying any where from $4.00+  for a cupcake. But the craze continues and consumers are finding $$$, here in the USA, and abroad, to satisfy their cupcake cravings. Maybe, the bottom line is ... this is a very affordable self indulgent item.


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US consumers can’t get enough of cupcakes

While the UK cupcake craze shows no sign of abating the same is true in the US, according to new figures.

US consumers can’t get enough of cupcakes
More US consumers are baking their own cupcakes

US market research company NPD Group says that American consumers' love of cupcakes and muffins continues to grow sales of the associated cookware, as more people take up baking them at home.

US retail sales of muffin/cupcake pans increased by 14% in the 12 months to September when compared to the same period last year. And metal muffin/cupcake pan sales grew 21%, representing 90% of all muffin/cupcake pan sales.

NPD has also worked out that US consumers ate their way through 555m cupcakes in the year to February 2010.

Says Kathleen Cella, director of NPD's Housewares and Home Textiles divisions: "Cupcakes have become a staple for more than just kids' birthday parties over the last few years. More and more cupcake-dedicated bakeries have opened their doors, and endless accessories for decorating and serving them are now available to consumers.

"Whether it is a throwback to childhood, or just another way to make dessert a little more special and fun, these small cakes are a sweet spot for both adults and children, and, as a result, muffin/cupcake pan sales are benefiting."


The all things cupcakes!

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