Monday, October 18, 2010

An order for 500 Cupcakes: Don't Count Your Chickens Before They're Hatched

This story has a little touch of humor and we will not need a cupcake cake stand to display the 500 cupcakes ordered by telephone.

Photo courtesy of flickr By HTRD                                

Police Log: That's A Lot Of CupCakes 

Incident handled by the Belmont Police Department.

Article from the Belmont Patch

It's always best to check twice before doing most things. Remember the old carpenter adage: measure twice, cut once. That is also true before starting a big job; you don't want find out that half-way through a project and discover you're doing something wrong.

Checking up helped one Belmont business owner from learning a lesson the hard way. On Oct. 7, the owner of a Trapelo Road bakery called police to tell them that a potential customer called in an order for 500 cupcakes, which is a lot of cupcakes. The person calling gave a credit card number but what alarmed the owner was that the "person" making the order "sounded like a recorded voice." This prompted her to check the credit card ... and find out it was stolen. The police told the owner to contact them the next time the person called but despite making such a big order, the "recorded voice" never called back.

Enjoy all things cupcakes!

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