Tuesday, September 28, 2010

How to Make a Cupcake Cake Stand

I saw the most colorful, cupcake cake stand, displaying irresistible cupcakes at designdazzle.blogspot. She shares with you - easy to follow instruction on how to build your own cupcake cake stand. The beautiful image below is from her site.

A cupcake stand is a perfect way to display your cupcakes. I've included instructions on how to make a quick and easy cupcake stand.


10" and 13" cake boards or (thin wood cutout)
1/2 yard fabric for bottom cupcake layer
1/3 yard fabric for top cupcake layer
2 1/4 yards ribbon
fabric glue
couple (pvc pipe) purchased at Home Depot $2

spray paint

Read the rest of her instructions here

Release your creativity - you will have fun and more fun building your very own cupcake cake stand.



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